I got a new Mac Pro because if you’ve been reading my comic since the beginning you know that my previous computer I’ve had for seven years already. Since I do video editing as a profession and am probably looking to do some freelance it’s a good idea for me to have a computer capable of actually handling HD video and stuff. I did a test of a 5 min quicktime encoded movie on both computers. My old computer took 65 minutes to encode, and the new one took 8 min!

Funny thing is as impressive as the new computer is, I remember being equally impressed with my previous computer, and the computer before that, and the one before that. It is weird how quiet it is too, I liken it to the feeling of sleeping at my sister’s house in Massachusetts vs sleeping in NYC. My computer really was a freakin’ jet engine.

I also got a larger monitor, because my monitor is just as old, and it’s the same one I’ve been drawing in all my computer comics since the beginning except it wasn’t widescreen like in the comic’s work computer.Having enough space for all of Final Cut Pro with plenty of bin and timeline space is sweeeet. Also Apple’s Magic Mouse is surprisingly cool, I just think it’s kind of too flat and not as comfortable to hold. Using the surface to scroll is cool though.

Other highlights are finally being able to have Google Chrome and also the Chrome to phone extension for my Android phone. And of course, it’s just freakin’ fast. One of the first things I did was go to websites with embedded HD video which I’ve never on any computers been able to play at any decent framerate. Usually it just looked like a slideshow. It’s like me taking revenge on these websites that used to make fun of my computer that couldn’t handle them. Also, whenever I change Spaces in Mac OS X I’m no longer afraid my computer is going to lock up and/or have the sound cut out inexplicably.

Next stop is getting Windows installed on this, then I think I’ll have indulged in the major perks of this new computer.