I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new computer. When you’re on the ordering page on the Apple store there’s this exact message quoted in my comic. There’s a checkbox next to it that says “Yes, I’d like Apple to recycle my old computer for free.” Translation: “Yes, I’d like Apple to get even more money off of something I paid them for in the first place.

I’m getting the new computer because while I plan out what my next career move will be I’m trying to level up my skills since my last job asked so little of my technical skills. Basically I’ve been watching HD video stuff happen on the sidelines these past few years, and meanwhile my home computer can’t play HD youtube videos without it looking like a slideshow. Also my home computer can’t do much of anything without sounding like a jet engine.

I looking to get some freelance work on the horizon as I also explore my other creative endeavors I had no time or motivation to do while having a steady job. Truth is that when I got home from my job I just wanted to eat and play video games, then on the weekends I’d want to play video games and sleep. Since I don’t have kids or big obligations now’s the time, right? I plan on directing some of this energy towards my comic so stay tuned!