Okay, this is the last PAX strip I swear. I’ll have more after next year’s PAX East, but I promise that I won’t milk it as hard since I already spent a week doing strips about PAX this time.

With the exception of the last panel, this strip can apply to any convention I go to. Whenever I come back from a convention there’s a settling in period that usually takes a week at most. I come back home, plop the luggage on the floor, I don’t feel like cooking, I feel tired and unclean and generally don’t want to do anything. But after I put away the luggage, do the laundry, take out the trash, tidy up a bit, shower and make my first meal after the convention that usually is the sign that I’m pretty much back to normal.

Since I’m unemployed right now I managed to do this in record time, but it still took a few days to feel completely back on track.