I’m going to stop talking about PAX at some point I swear, just not until the end of this week.

I was thinking today that despite the minor jet lag, PAX is a very difficult convention to “recover” from. What I mean is that PAX is so much freakin’ fun, that my head just feels like it’s in the clouds for days after like it was some very potent drug that takes a very long time to wear off at which point I can resume my life as it is normally.

I think the other reason is that PAX is full of people who are living the life that they really want to be in whether it’s the Penny Arcade guys or the game developers you’re seeing on the show floor. Sure there could be weird office dramas at any of the companies, but by and large, these are people whose jobs the attendees aspire to and that idea is something that really stays with me after PAX is over. Like, I just gotta work hard to get towards that position instead of just taking whatever job I could easily get but not be satisfied at necessarily.