For those not in the know, The Game is this stupid meme where if you think at all about The Game then you’ve just lost the game. That’s it. It’s stupid. If signs haven’t been prohibited at that particular anime convention you can expect to see signs like the one in the linked article.

The wank/substantive question ratio at PAX panels is very low. So low in fact that when I go to them I don’t expect it or annoying people in the first row trying to talk to the panelists like they’re the only one in the room with them. At the Mega64 panel, Rocco thanked the first question asker for asking a technical question because most of the questions at their Anime Expo panel were more along the lines of my comic.

Truthfully, this comic isn’t entirely accurate to the spirit of PAX, because I think it’s more all inclusive than I’m making it look. If someone said something like this (as one girl did during the Penny Arcade Q&A) Jerry would just quickly acknowledge it and move on, but not in a “what the hell are you doing?” sort of way. From the few panels I’ve seen them conduct they’re very good at handling hecklers and annoying people that everyone seems to come out of it happy.

In general, I’d say 90-95% of questions at PAX panels are actual questions, and not a means for the asker to draw attention to themselves. If you cut out the panels with Mike & Jerry, then it’s more like 98%-99% because at the PA panels there are people who share stories about how they felt like they belonged when they first discovered PAX. Or there are stories about how Child’s Play affected them. But the difference being that those are more affirming stories than wanky ones I was used to hearing at anime cons.