I think a lot of people do this. Some people read reviews of movies or games because they want to know if it’s good or not, but I think just as many if not more people will read a review after they’ve watched the film or finished the game. I think having a “professional” opinion on a movie or game you liked kind of feels good when it’s along the lines of how you felt about it.

For games it’s very easy for me to articulate why I liked or hated it, but with movies sometimes it’s harder to articulate the things that made it so good. Bad movies are easy to describe because they can have objectively bad technical faults, but it’s tougher with something you enjoyed.

I’ll write a review of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 at one point. Mass Effect has oodles of technical problems in it, but ME2 I think the only issues I have come down to male Shepard’s voice performance and also the sound mix. I think I’m going to play through on Renegade using a female Shepard, and depending on how the female voice actress’ performance is I’ll judge the game accordingly. The actress playing female Shepard is much more prolific than the male Shepard so I have higher expectations.

Overall though I have to say about ME2 is that it’s freaking awesome. It’s one of those games where sleep was a burden that I had to deal with during the experience because I never wanted to stop playing. A noteworthy achievement for a game that clocks in around the 40 hour mark.