Since I’m unemployed right now there’re fewer reasons for me to go into Manhattan which means that monthly metrocards probably aren’t cost effective anymore. Right now the only reason I’m going to have to go to Manhattan on a regular basis are my kung fu classes which I go to three times a week. I’m going to stop my Japanese classes because that will save me money too. Of the two activities I have, kung fu is the one I know I have to stick with. Even though I know I probably won’t independently study Japanese on my own much, I still possess the capacity to do it whereas my kung fu is totally not going to improve if I practice on my own.

Last day of my Metrocard I went into Manhattan twice actually because of kung fu class and also an errand I had to run later on. Last week was actually an extremely productive week with lots of walking and going out to buy various things as we try to do this last push to finish up our apartment after a year and a half of being here 😛