Actually of the games on that shelf I only have Mass Effect 2 right now (got both games at great prices due to various sales). I’m not actually interesting in Oblivion, kind of interested in Fallout 3 and a little bit more interested in Dragon Age. Even though I’m not super penny pinching right now I was saying to Anna that RPGs are very cost effective in terms of dollar value for how many hours of entertainment you get out of them. Especially because a lot of these have been out for a while and already have game of the year editions or editions with DLC already included on the disc.

Mass Effect ultimately was a very satisfying game with a great climax that was rousing and fun to play through. I feel like it’s been a long time since I played through a game which got my blood boiling during its climax. Still though, there’s a lot of jank in Mass Effect that brought the experience down several notches despite being overall a very ambitious and well realized game universe. Based on improvements I’ve heard I’m very very much looking forward to Mass Effect 2. I think though that I’m gonna play it as a Renegade because it seems like more fun. Plus the way the dialogue is delivered from Shepard I think it’ll be a better fit. His “I have to go” or “I have work to do” often feels abrupt and rude which would make sense if he was being a jerk all the time.