I hate hate hate dealing with anything money related and also official documents. Even after I know for 100% fact that everything went right part of me is still convinced that I did something wrong.

Today and yesterday I woke up either with or before my alarm totally awake without any difficulty. The thing about having a weekend after a workweek is that all I ever want to do is relax which makes doing “productive” things very difficult whether it’s work or playing video games. But now that I have all this time there’s no need to relax from anything so I’ve been rather productive.

Yesterday I read about a third of “Halo: The Fall of Reach” which is a book I borrowed from my friend JC. Went to Manhattan to do some errands, went to kung fu and watched some “IT Crowd.” I think I’m  also going to use this time to learn to make more breakfast foods. This morning I made whole wheat pancakes (I mistakenly bought whole wheat flour a long time ago and have been trying to get rid of it). They turned out ok, but I think I just don’t like whole wheat stuff, so it’ll probably be a while before all the flour is gone T_T

Mass Effect getting a little bit better, but I still feel super weak because I keep dying in firefights whether it’s on foot or in the Mako. Hopefully leveling up helps.