Yesterday reached a high of around 103°. Today it’s not supposed to be as hot, but still really freaking hot. I anticipate more drinking of certain un-recommended refreshments during my kung fu class today than doing any actual kung fu (no a/c at my school).

A friend of mine told me that sometimes he’s afraid that he’s actually really stupid, but everyone around him is treating him like this without him knowing it. I think this situation is kind of the opposite. Could it be that this many people out there are this dumb??? I’ve very rarely met a person that after talking to them for a little while I realized that they weren’t the brightest bulb in the world so it confounds me that the news stations need to give such stupid basic tips on beating the heat.

Things I wouldn’t expect people to know are that men are more susceptible to heat because they sweat more and lose fluids faster, and that medications can accelerate heat related problems. Even those don’t take much hard thinking to reason out, but they’re not as obvious as “use your a/c.”