Okay so the wording is a bit awkward, but Uncharted 2 doesn’t have a flamethrower so there’s little else in the game that one could conceivably “barbecue” someone with.

I love the multiplayer for Uncharted 2. This weekend is a double cash weekend from July 2nd through July 7th. When you get kills in various different ways you’re awarded money which are points for leveling up and also buying items and skill and occasionally they have these events which double your money. Sometimes for holidays they make new skins for the characters too which is fun.

Speaking of points which don’t matter, I’m currently addicted to this website Screened.com which is a movie website run by two former Gamespot editors one of which Alex Navarro who became famous for his negative video game reviews. The most notorious are probably his videos about Robocop and also Big Rigs which is some budget completely broken PC game. I was a big fan of his reviews back in the day so I’m glad to see him working on a website where I can see them again albeit about a different subject matter.

The website is a wiki a la Giantbomb.com (run by the same parent company) and I really like things like the concepts which are things like Character Says Film’s Name. For editing and getting edits approved you’re awarded points. I’ve spent a lot of time adding new concepts or adding onto ones that were already there. Since I like movie trailers I added Trailer Had Shots Cut From Finished Film since that happens a lot. The website and Giant Bomb also have trivia achievements systems built in which are also a fun way to kill time. I’m currently working on the “quest” to add 200 quotes to various movies on the site, only 90 more to go!

It’s still a fledgling site, but I imagine it’ll grow fast so if you like movies check it out! If you go there, my account name is predictably, kickinthehead.