I’ve done comics before about what lengths Verizon has gone to in order to get me to sign up for FiOS. Also similarly I’ve done the same for Cablevision. Well, in my comics I joked that a person was sent directly to me to get me to sign up. Lo and behold they ACTUALLY DID IT. When I got home yesterday there was a Verizon FiOS salesman who looked like he was packing up his stuff, but apparently he had been there for a while. It’s getting crazy how aggressively Verizon wants people to sign up for FiOS.

Also the dumbest things about their commercials are how they tout the crystal clear picture quality which I doubt is much different if different at all from cable or even my over the air HD (when there’s no interference). I guess it’s because only real nerds care about the super fast internet and the average internet user doesn’t really need FiOS speeds unless they do a lot of streaming video, on demand and stuff.