So did you figure out what the problem is yet? If you did then you’re better at deciphering my mom’s  computer terminology than I am. Turns out my mom had made her Firefox Google search field really large and as a result shrunk her location bar down until it was very tiny. Her location bar with the URL is the “top rectangular website wording” which she needed to cut and paste URLs to email to other people.

I was discussing this with a friend and he pointed out that I’ll be the #1 Google search result for “top rectangular website wording” because this combination of words has never existed before on the internet. An amazing thing about language that it can be formed in all sorts of weird combinations that some people would never think of on purpose. George Carlin had some bits like this that started off “Here’s something that’s never been said before [insert thing I won’t rewrite here because I want to keep this site mostly family friendly]”