#6003 reason the internet will make me seem old is remembering the beginnings of streaming video. Back when the choices were janky Realplayer and Windows Media which I couldn’t use because there wasn’t a Mac version for the longest time. Even then it was like a stamp sized video that had a data rate of probably 6k/sec and looked like total crap. Yet now I can watch E3 Press events basically while they’re  happening at very decent video quality. I like that I’m in this generation where during our lifetime technology really exploded and improved exponentially so we experienced both sides of it.

Anyway, I was watching the Microsoft press event and later the EA press event going on at E3. Some cool stuff, some I’m very excited for like Dead Space 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising and the Kinect (Project Natal) stuff looking pretty cool. I will say though, Microsoft has the worst most artificial, unnatural demo people doing their presentations. I think it’ll still take more than Wii sports clones to justify purchasing Kinect for my 360, but it’s looking very cool.

The big question though will be what is the minimum distance a player has to be from the TV? Obviously in all their almost-Wii commercial ads they have these super awesome suburban homes with enormous living rooms. I think I have one of the largest living rooms of people I know in the New York area, but I know I’d still have to rearrange furniture in order to play like they do in these commercials.

Also, note to Microsoft. Real animals don’t smile like your CG pet animals do. When you make your animals do stuff like that it’s not cute it’s creepy.