Why yes, I did get my phone and yes I spent a great deal of time pimping it out over the weekend. The manager where I picked up the phone clearly had had a very long day possibly chock full of annoying customers with impossible requests and general impatience. But it basically went off without a hitch and I left the store with a shiny new phone in my pocket that I didn’t dare play with until I was sitting down somewhere.

Anna and I both were playing our phones quite a bit and she kept on telling me other apps I should download for it. I have over a hundred on the phone now, but I do know a fair amount of them were pre-installed. I also spent a while personalizing it with custom ringtones, notifications, wallpaper etc. My only disappointment was so far I haven’t figured out if I can make it so that when I touch the touchtone it makes Star Trek keypress sounds instead of usual touch tones.

When we went food shopping I did in fact make this comment that the feta cheese had “260 megabytes” of sodium per serving. I don’t remember saying anything so stupid in this fashion since I was a kid and I said to my sister: “Um wait… PAUSE!”

I feel like I’ve plateau-ed somewhat in how much I’ll ultimately download, but now I’m one of those smartphone obsessed people following blogs about new software and apps. Right now I’m drawing the line at RSS feeds because then I’ll NEVER stop checking it if I have RSS feeds on it. Though we’ll see if I go back on that a few months from now.

I’ll say this. I’m rather disappointed that the geekiness of the Schwartz Unleashed lightsaber app did not go far enough to include sound effects from the different varieties of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. Any Star Wars fan worth their salt knows that the activating sound effect of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber are totally different. Also Darth Maul’s has more bass when he swings it.

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