Okay this is kind of a weird comic. I just did it this way because I knew that it’d be too predictable to just have him show up next to the guy if in the previous frame I had some rather obvious framing intended to hide him.

Anyway I’m a filthy liar, this has been turning into a cell phone related comic wankfest. I got a call to set up and appointment for me to get my pre-ordered phone which I scheduled for after work. My friend JC could scarcely believe that I would choose a time so late in the day when earlier options were offered to me. The truth we both know is that we wouldn’t get any work done at all if I had the phone all day long.

I’m almost not sure who’s more excited about me getting my new phone, myself, Anna, my friend JC or my friend AM. I’m obviously excited because it’s my first new computing device in 7 years. Anna is excited because she knows I’ll learn about all the Android stuff she knows she wouldn’t do the research for herself. My friend JC is excited to have a new toy around even if it’s not his, and my friend AM will believe the world has had the the balance restored to itself now that I have a more current piece of technology.

Hopefully this appointment means I actually have a phone reserved, and they don’t sell it to someone else who came sooner because that would be rather crappy of them.