When we went to Canada for a convention this past weekend we thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of the various nuts we had in our kitchen which would probably sit around until they weren’t good. Also we had some beef jerky from the Mononoke Ghibli Feast and bought a new thing of cashews at the supermarket. Then I saw this section of the customs declaration form:

Meat/meat products; dairy products; fruits;

vegetables; seeds; nuts; plants and animals or their

parts/products; cut flowers; soil; wood/woodproducts; birds; insects.
I always knew about the fruits and vegetables and animals but this one had more on it than I ever remember seeing. Us being the paranoid law abiding citizens that we are we ate as much of our snacks as we could and tossed them before going through customs. Of course, after going through customs we realized they weren’t going to search us so we could’ve got through with all our snacks with no problem at all. *facepalm*