I was looking for reviews for the phone I’m getting and found this treasure trove of reviews by people who are simply excited for the phone.  This is a new category of useless reviews on the internet. The first one that irritated me were the rollover ones on amazon.com.

When a new DVD being released soon on Amazon doesn’t have reviews, they put reviews of the previous iterations on that page. True, they put in small text that it’s a review of a different title but it’s still so irritating! People on Amazon also put their movie reviews on amazon instead of product reviews, so DVDs and Blu-Rays which haven’t been released always have some stupid vapid reviews on them that serve no purpose. I suppose that could be a reason they have the “was this review useful to you?” thing but  I don’t think that helps much.

Anyway, some highlights of the non-reviews for this phone were:


“If this is as good as it sounds this will be a killer.”

“Preordered this phone!!” 

Pros: I am considering buying this phone, once it hit the market to replace my Samsung Jet phone. 

Pros: I think this will be a iPhone killer for sure! 

Cons: “Just like the N1 and Incredible have had some network bugs, this one could too, won’t know till it’s out in the market.” 

Cons: “Not sure yet… The review says phone quality is not excellent… we’ll have to wait and see.”  


Seriously, if you don’t have the product and aren’t someone being paid to write fake reviews on sites then why do this???