I always wait a really long time to upgrade anything be it my apartment, computer or cell phone. I wait so long in fact that by the time I’m ready, the the things that I want are so laughably simplistic that anything past that is suddenly super amazing awesome to me. I lived in my previous studio apartment for six years so the things I wanted were a full sized refrigerator, kitchen cabinet doors, a bathroom I could spread my arms in, a bathroom mirror I didn’t have to bend over to see my face in, and floors that creaked *less*.

Similarly what I want in a phone are all the things listed above. Though at this point, getting any phone would mean I’d have a a full keyboard which would make a dictionary moot. It is rather ridiculous though that I have to take my phone’s battery out in order to turn it off when I board a plane and that my phone’s T9 has “l8er” in it but not “asparagus” and that if the phone charger is even slightly off the phone will restart instead of charging.

Anyway, all will be well when I have my long overdue phone upgrade. I promise though that this won’t turn into a Kick in the Head Android wank-a-thon comic.