It’s true, I may have gone to a store yesterday and pre-ordered a brand spanking new phone which I should have in my possession in a couple weeks. As much as I love technology I also have environmental guilt which prevents me from buying new electronics with any measure of frequency. Maybe it was that 60 Minutes segment about the city in China which is one of the most polluted in the world because they do electronics “recycling” by melting gold off computer circuit boards via open flame.

Actually that’s only a more recent reason, the other being that when I upgrade I want a serious upgrade and not an incremental one. It’s very exciting because my last electronic toy I got was my new camera about a year and a half ago. But the most recent computing toy that I got was my computer which is now seven years old. My current cell phone was out when everyone owned a RAZR. I’m past due by my standards and waaaaaaay past due by the technology world’s standards. Part of me will miss the hilarity of having a cellphone with an antenna, but the other part will be too busy downloading and trying out new apps to care.

Expect smartphone comics in the near future. I’ll try not to focus on it TOO much since I try my darndest to not be repetitive in my jokes even if I revisit themes and settings constantly.