Unlike lots of you out there I was watching the one hour Family Guy season finale Empire Strikes Back parody show. When I texted my friends afterwards that after seeing it I had no choice but to rewatch all of the original I was reminded that most other people were watching the series finale of LOST. I haven’t watched a single episode of LOST yet, but will get to it at some point in the future.

It must be nice to be a geek like Seth Macfarlane and be able to say to a group of animators “You know these specific shots from Star Wars? Recreate them EXACTLY.” There’re a lot of little touches in it that you know didn’t have to be in there to recreate the shots, but they put them in anyway because they know the really hardcore Star Wars geeks would appreciate it.

Things like in the asteroid field there’s one large asteroid that inexplicably has this red flash in it. Or how the stormtrooper in Bespin falls on his butt after being shot by Chewbacca. Also despite the lightsaber duel being between Chris and Stewie, the sword choreography manages to still be a move for move reproduction of the movie’s choreography.

In the comic, the dude has the original THX Original trilogy laserdiscs, but sadly I am no longer an owner of these (or a working laserdisc player for that matter). The best I currently have are pirate bootleg rips of the laserdiscs put on DVD. At some point I’ll have to get the official DVDs which have the totally unrestored original trilogy that George Lucas couldn’t bother to have cleaned up for the true fans. I doubt he’ll be so charitable as to release these dirty versions on a blu-ray.

It’s actually been a few years since I watched Empire Strikes Back and even longer since I watched the non-Special Edition version. Of the three this is the “best” because Lucas did the least amount to this movie. Still, there are things that irk me like the distracting window shots in Bespin and the asinine change of Luke saying to R2D2 “You’re lucky you don’t taste very good” to “You were lucky to get out of there.” What t he hell? Is Lucas afraid that Luke is going to hurt R2D2’s feelings by implying he doesn’t taste good? Or is it that the line implies Luke knows what R2D2 tastes like…?