Yesterday I spent a bunch of time on which lets you search facebook statuses of people along with their profile picture, and in most cases you can view their profile pages. The page has its most frequent searches built in so if you just go to the site there’ll be some sort of search there like “skipping work” and you can see all the people who have stupidly put in their public Facebook profile that they’re skipping work that day. I guess none of these people ever read about people getting fired when their bosses found facebook status updates about skipping work on days they called in sick.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also the day that I found this site for checking your facebook privacy settings. I had most of my settings private, but I went ahead and locked it all down. Then like the comic says I deleted my applications, some of my photos and also my interests. Facebook had this really annoying pop-up window that asked if you’d like to link ALL or SOME of your interests in your profile to their respective pages. Notice that there’s no option for NONE. I just closed my window whenever that came up.

Right now for me Facebook is primarily for viewing baby photos and videos of friends I don’t keep regular contact with. I was trying to think about what the appeal was originally. I think it’s kind of like what I was talking about with cholesterol levels and RPG stats. Social networking sites are kind of like online character sheets but for your actual self. It’s a way to give yourself more measurable statistics and is like building a character. In light of all this Facebook privacy crap going on though, I think I don’t need to use it in that way anymore (ironic coming from someone who posts a daily comic about themselves, yes I realize that)