Last week we got our blood test results back from our physical checkups. I haven’t had a checkup in several years, but I think I’m in good health. Still there was always this nagging paranoia in the back of my head that maybe even though I’m at a normal weight and feel like I eat well that maybe somehow I’d have high cholesterol or something would be totally off the chart. They called me up and said everything was normal.

Then they called Anna and told her *specific* numbers for stuff like cholesterol which was odd because I was just told “normal.” So I called back to get numbers to see where I was on the grand scale of cholesterol levels. Also at the checkups I knew that my blood pressure was normal, in fact it was basically the example of average blood pressure that I found on websites.

What we were discussing getting our results was that the funny thing about getting these numbers is it’s probably the closest sort of thing that people in real life have to video game RPG stats. In RPGs you have numbers for all sorts of things like: vitality, hit points, agility, charm, magic points, strength, defense etc. But there are very few things in real life that you can assign numbers to in this fashion. So after getting all our results we were wondering how we compared to other people so we could compare stats. Like “Oh this person I work with is overweight I wonder how far their numbers are from mine” etc.

Long story short, I guess our eating habits are fine, and eating tonkotsu ramen every other week doesn’t throw our numbers off the chart. I mean, we mostly make our own food which I know is better than eating out all the time. So it’s business as usual, but with medical proof that what we’re doing is ok 🙂