It took a lot of work but welcome to Kick in the Head 3.0!!! For years I’ve had all sorts of things I wanted to do like redesign the site, add comments and a multitude of things I didn’t even realize I wanted. Unbeknownst to me this WordPress theme Comicpress was being used for every webcomic under the sun except for mine. Once I discovered Comicpress I got to working on migrating my site over.

This involved retrieving comic titles for all those available on Ohnorobot and writing new titles for the untranscribed comics. Then I added tags to every single comic and manually added all the posts into the wordpress system. Most of this was menial work and not nearly as fun as playing with design and CSS. Most of that CSS playing was without the benefit of Firebug which could’ve saved me hours of time (oh well).

The most fun was redesigning the site which I hope is an improvement. Mostly the crazy bright blues were bugging me and burning my eyes out. Also my pitiful cut and pasted skyline I’ve replaced with subway cars which I think is more apt because of how prevalent my subway comics are. I even designed the nav buttons with a subway theme. Oh and a random button has been added! So if you just feel like reading some of the 2000+ old comics just keep on clicking! I have a lot of tags, so for more of them just click the link in the menubar!

Aside from that it’s functionally the same as the old site. I’ll be tweaking it in the coming weeks, but nothing drastic. I’m just too impatient to not upload the site when it’s functional. There’re still lots more to explore in Comicpress and WordPress so expect lots of new things coming to the site this year!

Oh and the previous RSS feedburner feed should still work, but if it doesn’t then re-subscribe with RSS icon at the top of the sidebar.

Enjoy, and please leave comments!

P.S. I’ve received numerous comments about the lack of a poop tag in the sidebar. Turns out 23 comics about poop doesn’t put it in the top tier. So for all your poop comics go here 😛