Why yes, I do think this is a pretty good approximation of what teenagers talk like.

Whenever I’m on the subway and a large group of teenagers get on I know that as soon as the subway starts moving they’re going to have a big reaction as if it’s the first time they’ve ever rid the subway. I don’t know if it’s because they find it funny to get thrown off their feet or if they’re so distracted talking to each other they somehow forget this fundamental thing about the subway. Or maybe teenagers are just that uncoordinated.

I expect this with small children because they’re probably too busy swinging around the subway poles to think about the sudden start the subway will have, but teenagers getting towards college age I’d expect to have figured it out.

Check it out next time you’re on the subway with a large group of teenagers who are all standing up (assuming you’re in a city where the subway isn’t a silky smooth modern feat of technology).

In completely unrelated news I spent most of yesterday editing this. I always get a kick watching the part of TV infomercials which illustrate why we need the product they’re selling. So I decided to go to youtube and find as many of these TV products I could and make a video out of all the “you’re doing it wrong” moments. Yes I’m very very silly.

My only regret is I couldn’t find the commercial for the “Canaround” which is a way to store drinks in your fridge. The hilarious comparison consists of a kid going to a fridge to find snapple bottles stacked three high and then proceeding to try to remove the bottom bottle.