It’s criminally hot in my office. I’m pretty sure most offices whose primary means of conducting business is via lots of video equipment are usually very well air conditioned all year round. My office is the exception. The room I’m in has no windows and has several computers, digibeta decks, large hard drives which are on during the day constantly spewing hot air. It’s amazing that stepping across the threshold of the hallway to my room yields what feels like a temperature difference of at least ten degrees. I have a mini portable fan blowing in my face all day.

Needless to say it’s unpleasant, and also really hard to work during the day. This week though we’ve had some really warm temperatures and the surrounding rooms are getting hotter (though still not nearly as hot as my room) so there’s been talk of turning the air conditioning on. But like I said in the strip they need special a/c guys to turn on the a/c because of something that happens in the 6 months it’s been since it was last one that makes it impossible for us to do it ourselves.