When I get takeout for lunch I usually go back to this deli that I went to because it was nearby work before we moved offices a couple blocks away. I’m just too lazy to seek out other delis which probably serve me food of similar quality. I know what I’m getting and I know the cashiers are lightning fast.

That said, I know that the burgers I get there aren’t the best burgers in the world. Usually I show up a bit late and since they don’t make burgers to order (it’s a deli, not a restaurant) sometimes I get the burger that was sitting on the back burner in anticipation of someone ordering a cheese burger. Then after they put it on the grill (or metal plate stove thing whatever it’s called) they proceed to press down on it squeezing all the juices out until it’s showing signs of crumbling and all dry.

I’ve even seen one guy squeeze it so much it fell apart and he had to toss it. I don’t know why they do this, maybe it’s some sort of liability thing with raw meat, but it kills me when I see it. Yet I still go back there and get the same burger because I’m just too lazy. Also for the burger, fries and soda it’s still a much better value than McDonald’s. Also I know that the patty came from ground beef slapped together that day and not some patty that has gone through the McDonald’s factory system that makes it oh so… gross.