I already touched on this subject recently, but it seems to come up fairly often. In college I was the Apple guy. I think all PC users have had encounters with people or friends who are Apple people to the core. Two of my friends from college were computer science majors and were PC through and through, but not long after Apple switched to intel chips they both got new Apple computers and they both own iPhones now.

My friend A.M. in particular seems particularly distressed with the fact that he is now more of an Apple person than I am. His Apple hardware is all more current and he’s on top of current Apple news more than I am. It’s kind of true because I have my 7 year old G5, my regular non-smart phone and my iPod Classic which I only bought after several years of owning a 3rd generation iPod. I even stopped reading Apple news sites a few years ago because I realized all I really cared about were the announcements at keynotes and all major news sources are on top of that.

Basically I’ve singlehandedly forced my friend A.M. into the bizarro world where he’s the Mac zealot and I’m not. It’s really messing with his mind and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take a degree of pleasure from it 😛

I think maybe it’s also because I have more experience being an Apple zealot so it’s not as important for me or it doesn’t affect me as much. I’m also the person who says “that iPad doesn’t have everything I need, I’m fine waiting until it does.” For me the iPhone doesn’t have enough memory to truly replace my iPod which I use as a hard drive all the time so I’m fine waiting until it comes out with more storage and then maybe even so far that the amount of storage I want has already gone through a price drop.

So yeah, sorry A.M. it could be a while before I have an iPhone in my hands that I call my own.