This is kind of a random one, but I was having trouble coming up with a comic at 1:30 AM Thursday morning when I wrote this. I’ve had a problem with towels not drying fast enough so my towels have gotten that towel funk sort of smell, whereas Anna’s towels seem unscathed by this phenomenon. My current working theory is that her towel hangs in direct sunlight which dries it faster. From some internet research I found a few things that are supposed to help including washing the towel with vinegar. Still though nothing seems foolproof.

As you read this I’m at PAX East with friends and I may or may not be wearing a bird splicer costume from Bioshock. It’s the first convention in a while that I’ve gone to just for fun, and it’s also my first gaming convention so hopefully all turns out well. I’ve already marked up my schedule with panels I want to go to and I’m also looking forward to the Video Games Orchestra performance which from what I’ve seen should be different from Video Games Live.