Okay maybe I embellished a bit, but Gamestop employees are still dicks. I wonder if it’s a case of Gamestops hiring people who are dicks or if it’s a byproduct of being a Gamestop employee? Oh well, chick and the egg situation I suppose. Apparently Tetris DS has been out of print for years and according to Wikipedia is one of the most sought after DS games.

Anna and I are going to PAX East with a bunch of friends and I noticed they have a Tetris DS tournament. I fancy myself pretty good at Tetris and have always wondered how I’d stack up competitively. Thing is that Tetris DS is a different flavor of Tetris where you can do all sorts of moves like rotating pieces into cracks which I think are just b.s. It’s a whole new skill set from my preferred Tetris which is Tetris DX for the Gameboy Color.

Anyway, I’m not expecting to do very well because last time I was really into Tetris DS and playing online I was still getting my butt handed to me on a fairly regular basis.