This has been on my mind because I was recently showing off to my friends the fact I still have a cell phone with an extendable antenna on it.

I’m a pretty frugal guy in general. A good friend of mine once described the grip I have on my wallet as “vice-like.” I think this is especially true of electronics and gadgets. I love computers, gadgets, electronics and stuff but so seldom do I actually purchase them. It’s usually because I’m slow to decide to make a big purchase, but gadgets are very quick to be upgraded.

For example, despite wanting an iPhone even at its most recent version it’s still not quite what I want. It’s gotten closer, but for me to truly replace my high storage iPod with an all in one device I’d want more storage than 32GB. Still, I would love to have an internet capable phone because I know it would be uber convenient.

It’s just hard to take the plunge when you know the better/cheaper version is coming out in only a few months at which point it’ll feel crappy to have the lesser version. Plus this image has stuck with me ever since I saw it. I’m probably not the most environmental person out there but I feel very conscious about my e-waste.

Anyway, I think I’m destined to be the old guy who doesn’t upgrade their old electronics until they’ve completely broken down and disintegrated.