We’ve been trying to “finish” our apartment for a while now. One thing that has been holding us back is our inability to get this IKEA TV stand. Since we have a fair amount of media playing devices we’ve been wanting to replace our old TV stand. This particular stand we saw during Xmas vacation only to see that the price only a week later during the sale was going to be $150 cheaper. This unfortunately thwarted us because the cost was so significantly different we figured we’d just come back later.

Lo and behold that sale price was for the pine version, not the black version we wanted. Then the black version was out of stock so again another trip failed. Later on we checked stock online and the black version appeared to be in stock so we went again only to find out the website was full of nothing but lies.

Actually getting to IKEA actually doesn’t take that long, about 40 or so minutes via subway and bus which is basically like going to Manhattan. So finally we decided to call and I was told it had to be special ordered because it wasn’t regularly stocked anymore, but special orders had to be made in-store only.

And like the comic says, even the most special of orders cannot allow us to order one when the central warehouse has nothing. Therefore, in their amazingly efficient system we have to call in periodically to see if the central warehouse has anything so we can then go to the store to special order it.

Of all these visits all we have to show for it are a few odds and ends we’ve bought during each trip, meatballs in our stomachs and the discovery that their frozen meatballs actually heat up such that they taste just as soft and juicy as they do in the cafeteria!

Curse you IKEA!!!