If I haven’t said it here I’ve certainly told friends of mine about how ridiculous this situation with my nearly 7 year old 1st generation Power Mac G5. If you watched the original videos about the G5 you heard about how silently the computer runs. Also you heard about how many freakin’ fans it has that are activated dynamically as needed. The thing is that with this computer there’re three “Processor Performance” settings you can have in the Energy control panel: Automatic, Reduced and Highest.

Automatic means that when the computer needs more juice it ramps things up, the other two are self explanatory. By default the computer is set to automatic, but for years now I’ve been running it on reduced because whenever the computer wants more juice the fans start blowing like jet engines.

Sometimes even just playing a flash game I play frequently I turn it to “Highest” so the game will run snappier, but soon after I turn it back down because my computer gets so freakin’ loud and Anna thinks that my computer is about to explode.

Whenever I’m gaming or watching a movie I also make sure to put the computer to sleep because it’s so loud when it’s the only other thing in the room making noise.

The killer is that otherwise the computer is totally fine and I don’t really need to buy new software that requires Intel mac chips. I just can’t justify the cost for a new computer when this one functionally is fine, but just freakin’ loud.