Do I want to play with one? Yes. Do I have any earthly desire to own one? No.

The only way I can see getting one of these things is if I already had some more current Apple hardware and I had gobs of cash to blow on stuff I don’t need. I don’t read ebooks (nor would I want to on a device with such a bright screen) and if I’m going to use something that is such a super web browser I want it to have flash support so I can use you know, the internet. I also have little desire to type on a flat touch keyboard.

I guess at best I was hoping to see some sort of new cool user interface, but since it’s just a glorified iPod Touch there really isn’t much to do in that department that Apple can do. It’s really up to the software developers to make the Star Trek looking touch software.

Also I think it’s hilarious when they get software developers on stage to describe how awesome their software is. Especially the game developers touting game features as if they are at all novel or have anything to do with the iPad at all. There’re lots of baseball video games out there and one on the iPad interests me about as much as one on an Xbox or PS3.

I think tomorrow I’ll be reading more articles about the State of the Union than the iPad.