Actually I’m taking out a few details. First we had to go to buy special food for Anna’s cat and while we were out bought ingredients we needed to make steamed pork buns. If my pedometer is to be believed it was a mile and a half walk the entire way.

Then we made the steam buns which took several hours because the recipe requires waiting for the dough to rise, then making all the skins, buns etc. Takes a lot of time but well worth it for the light and fluffy results! This time I think I messed up and made the skins too thin so they ended up being more like dumplings than buns.

Rest of the time I watched Anna playing Okami on the Wii since I feel bad that I’m always hogging the TV playing my games. I’m playing Infamous right now which is fun, but I admit probably not the most fun to watch someone else play since it’s an open world game and the story bits take a while to get to when you’re trying to do all the side missions first.

Funny what qualifies as a productive weekend. Oh and we recently got our voice activated recorder to see if we can catch myself saying stuff while I sleep. It turns out it’s the same recorder of this more famous sleep talkin’ man whom I learned of shortly after starting my twitter. We’ll see if I get similarly amusing results.