I swear I’m going to be the best cane shaking old fart of a man when I’m a senior citizen.

Every time I get morbidly curious about what friends of mine are twittering about it’s usually 90-99% replies to things other people said on their twitter. This serves me no purpose, and if I were on Twitter I really wouldn’t feel like broadcasting my responses to the world.

That said, I’m coming around a bit on Twitter in some VERY specific cases where I realize that there are some twitters out there that are using it well and worth following. There are certain things that just don’t warrant a long blog form. Mostly I’m thinking about Twitters like this one which is hilarious. I almost considered setting one up similar to this but for weird stuff I say in my sleep, but this doesn’t happen very often and I rely on Anna to write it down.

Other than that certain companies using it to promote themselves work. Like The Behemoth (creators of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid) who use it to give out download codes and other promotional items.

Other situations where it’s been useful is if I see a large gathering of people somewhere and have no clue why I can do a search and usually find people twittering about it. Like one time there was a large line of people at Best Buy, turned out Mary J. Blige was doing a signing. I probably could’ve found it via Google too, but this was a nice quick way.

As for all other uses for Twitter, if you like using it to communicate with friends more power to you. As for me I’ll just keep shaking my cane.