Or it could be having a sense of obligation to beat video games you already own before purchasing new ones, and having those video games be really boring. Also I’m coming off of my two week vacation where I did a fair bit of gaming, but when I’m done still had time to do other stuff. Whereas during a regular work week my nights are pretty short because I either have kung fu or Japanese class four nights a week so then I feel like playing games with what little time I have.

Anyway, the two games burning a hole in my shelf right now are Prince of Persia (the new cel-shaded one) and Gears of War which I purchased recently ’cause it’s really cheap now. Prince of Persia is just plain monotonous. Fight occasional guy, platform to boss, fight, retread ground to collect stuff, repeat.

Gears of War looks nice, shooting is okay but the game’s story is virtually non-existent, the pacing is rather slow and the difficulty level is such that I have to play casual mode otherwise I’m dying every two seconds. Plus this is the first game to make a satellite laser seem crappy. The reason being that the monsters so far that I’ve had to use the satellite laser on take five or so hits before dying.

Also, I played a ton of Uncharted 2 over vacation which has fantastic pacing so playing a badly paced game with no story is very difficult.