We’ve been living in our new apartment for almost 9 months now and yet it’s not “finished.” When we first moved in we were going to IKEA pretty much every single weekend getting stuff and then realizing we needed more stuff. Along the way we bought frames for various things we knew we wanted to hang around the apartment in order to decorate. The problem being that our apartment became functionally livable before then which means we were comfortable which means that suddenly decoration didn’t feel like such a huge priority.

Maybe we should’ve decorated first and then focused on the priorities of getting the apartment livable like setting up the TV and living room area. Well, this past weekend we finally set up some frames that have been sitting around for a while waiting to be hung up. It’s a series of cartoon drawings I did when I was 14 which are now proudly on display. Give us another weekend and the rest will probably be hung up. The question is, when will that weekend roll around…?