We were waiting for the subway when the train finally pulled up, but as it pulled in we could a person entirely covered in a large blanket taking up the corner seat. I think I could see a bit of his foot but it looked kind of unsettling. Sort of like the large sack in the movie “Audition.” I’m guessing MTA workers just let these people be, but I imagine at SOME point they have to be kicked off. If they don’t have to be removed I imagined they’d just check to see that the person is breathing. If a body has been on the subway for hours without anyone knowing it was dead just imagine if someone was dead under a blanket *shudder*

Then again, I’m guessing MTA workers have seen all sorts of horrible stuff. On Reddit they have a section called IAMA where people say stuff like “I am a professional mathematician, ask me anything.” I’d like one for a New York subway worker.