Actually I don’t really care about either. I don’t know if the new Apple Magic Mouse clicks, but I do actually like having separate buttons to click because then I’ll be sure the right click will actually right click.

The unique thing about these announcements is that I heard both of them from non-computer news sites which has been happening more often for me because I just don’t check tech blogs and news sites anymore. It’s kind of nice this way because then I’m not burdened with something else that I’m highly anticipating, but still don’t buy when it comes out.

Obviously new computer stuff is fun, but I just can’t justify it unless my computer flat out breaks. My current computer at home is a 1st generation Power Mac G5 that I’ve had for six years. Just saying that seems pretty crazy but it still does everything I need it to do. It’s gotten to the point where probably just getting a new iMac would still be a major upgrade for me. I’ll probably start feeling the itch once more cool OS upgrades come out and I can’t use them because my computer doesn’t have Intel Mac chips.