I saw this sign on a bathroom door in 34th street subway station. I’ve never seen a bathroom in a subway station that was in use. In the book “Sidewalk” they talk about how difficult it was to maintain the public restrooms in Washington Square Park. One reason was that toilet seats kept on getting stolen. I imagine subway restrooms would have similar problems, plus the smell would probably be unbearable because homeless people would probably be the primary users.

If I had an iPhone I imagine one of the first apps I would look for would be one that has a list of all public restrooms and ratings for each one. Since the ads tell me there’s an app for just about everything that one is probably a no brainer. Some I know of in addition to Starbucks all over the city some good ones are Barnes & Noble and also Filenes Basement in Union Square. The reason being I usually end up taking the subway home from Union Square.