Of course, the pills that had this label on them are some of the biggest horse pills I’ve ever taken. I think this might be one of the few exceptions I’ve seen for medicine that usually is trying to make medicine as easy to take as possible. At this point I think the drug companies spend more R&D on how to make the medicine not taste horrible than they do on the actual formula which I assume hasn’t changed all that much if at all.

Really though, the time needed to take medicine is so brief I think bad taste can be tolerated. Most Asian medicine tastes horrible (that’s how they know it works!) and lots are just a packet of the powder which you take with water. I wish I knew what to call some of the medicines I grew up with. Otherwise I’d be going into a store and asking “Uh, it’s the one for your stomach where you need to take 20 little black pills at a time…”