I wouldn’t call link sending an art per se, but there’s definitely a technique to it. Anyone who has unfettered internet access during the work day I’m sure can relate to this because all our friends who can send links probably do send us links during the course of the day. The thing is, that some people send different kind of links than others. I think the most important thing is how quickly the contents of the link can be consumed.

The best links usually are very quick so that you can just glance at them and then going back to looking busy. I think this is why cat videos or pictures are so popular because you get your cute fix very quickly and then you’re done. But inevitably there’s the few friends who send links that are things that maybe aren’t actually that entertaining in the internet junkfood way, and also take longer to consume. I have a friend who did this so much that I know a bunch of people will wait until they really have time to even consider clicking some of his links if they do at all.

And now, as promised, a cat jumping in and out of a cardboard box. It’s a little under two minutes, but trust me it’s worth it. This is the same cat that likes to jump forward into boxes on the ground.