A friend of mine is very lactose intolerant so he has to have vegan ice cream. I’m actually lactose intolerant too but I’ll eat regular ice cream when I want it. He got some vegan ice cream that on the surface looked like perfectly good ice cream. When I was sampling it I was very much hoping that it wouldn’t be that good. Why you ask? I’m by no means some sort of crazy carnivore who wants nothing green and planty going in my stomach, but I do love meat and fish. I just dislike having to go to vegan or vegetarian restaurants when I could be going to a similar restaurant but have the real thing.

I more have a problem with the style of food that’s trying to be meat but just can’t be. I know there’s good vegan and vegetarian food out there, but most of the trendy or hip vegan places aren’t serving it. Which brings me to this ice cream thing. Basically if vegan ice cream is suddenly as good as regular ice cream then I have nothing to complain about anymore when taken to a vegan place.

Incidentally, it had a very strong wheat taste to it. It sort of reminded me of a time I had tasti-d-lite. It was weird, it has the texture of ice cream, but it felt like I was eating nothing. It was like air flavored ice cream texture.