Ever had something you thought to be true clarified/corrected when you were an adult? The first big one I remember was when I found out pork was “the other white meat.” My rationale was “Why do you judge the color of these meats based on their color when they’re cooked, yet you judge the color of the other meat when it’s uncooked?” I’m sure there’s a good answer for that, but I’ve been informed about this issue enough as it is so I don’t know if I could take it to be corrected on that one again.

ANYWAY, this was another one recently that I didn’t know about and feel quite embarrassed for. I was watching Seinfeld with my girlfriend when on the show the cashier used the counterfeit testing marker. I sort of turned to her and said “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!” She thought it was cute that I didn’t know about the counterfeit marker which cashiers are using all the time. Really, all the time. And all this time I thought that they had to mark down every fifth bill or something like that.