There’re three guys behind the counter at the new deli that I go to. Two of them who look like the more senior workers have already figured out what I want such that all I have to say now is “yes.” At some point I’ll switch the flavor on them but for now I’ll be the raisin with cream cheese guy.

The THIRD guy however is the same guy I did this comic about who seems committed to getting me to eating a bagel with cream cheese and jelly. Well, yesterday he got his wish. I opened up the foil on my bagel to see what looked like a bagel massacre with jelly all over the bagel, foil etc. It was very sticky to eat so I took a piece of foil off to hold the bagel with. It wasn’t bad, but still I just like plain cream cheese. Sometimes if I have something that’s too sweet in the morning I’ll get a stomachache, but I was fine after I finished.

Still though, either this guy just loves cream cheese with jelly or lots of other people order it because I don’t know how you fill in the blank of adding “jelly” to such a basic reques