I don’t want to beat a dead horse about the lack of PS3 games so I’ll be a bit more positive. It’s true that I haven’t really bought any DVDs in quite a while. I didn’t have access to a blu-ray player for the longest time yet I had an HDTV. In fact I didn’t see anything at all in HD until we got a TV antenna to watch the election coverage. I could’ve bought SD DVDs but I knew that I’d probably want to re-buy them anyway in HD if they were available which pretty much everything will eventually be on.

Then again, I was kind of jaded with the whole DVD market and their need to constantly rerelease old DVDs with either just new packaging or one minute more of DVD extras. I think the only DVDs I’ve bought in the last year were either anime which I knew was probably never being released HD and Hong Kong DVDs which I assumed would take longer to adopt Blu-ray but turns out I was even wrong about that.

Sufficient to say, my amazon.com wishlist is a lot bigger now that I can conveniently watch blu-rays on my TV.