There’s this woman in my building who makes me sort of uncomfortable because of her unreasonable expectations of courtesy. The first time I interacted with her consisted of the 4th and 5th panels, she didn’t even give me the necessary time to ask her how she was doing before saying “I’m fine too thanks for asking.” Weird that in her saying something because of perceived rudeness I thought she was being pretty rude. Granted I usually don’t ask people back “how are you?” when they ask me, but do people really want a real answer when they ask that casually?

Anyway, yesterday we were headed out the door, she was standing outside the door so naturally her back was to us when we were leaving. When we were three feet ahead of where she was standing she says “hi neighbors” and we have no choice but to turn around and say “hi” as we were walking. Again, was a “hi” really to be expected if her back was to us? Were we supposed to do it as we were passing?