I went to see District 9 with a whole bunch of friends yesterday. If you like science fiction you’re probably already intrigued or have seen it already. If you haven’t seen it SEE IT ALREADY!!! It’s rare to see such a well produced film that’s totally original and has such amazing story, special effects, makeup and practical effects and just EVERYTHING. Turns out the trailer spoiled more than I thought but not as much as it could’ve. I’ve been saturated with commercials for it on TV, but was pleasantly surprised how little was actually shown.

Anyway, this comic is about something that I do with all movies. Since I’m a trailer junkie there are certain movies that I’ve basically memorized all the trailer dialogue. Especially if I see multiple TV spots I know going into a movie that I’m not going to be laughing at certain jokes because I’ve heard them so many times before. I almost wish I didn’t like trailers so much because then I could see more movies fresh which is always a unique experience.

When I saw Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” I remember being so distracted because all the dialogue takes used in the trailer were different from the ones in the film. Also in Star Wars Episode I there was one line of dialogue that was cut in a different order (There’s something else behind this, they will kill you if you stay).

Luckily the “There’re a lot of secrets in District 9” and a lot of the expository dialogue was at the very beginning so I wasn’t waiting for the dialogue to come up.

Oh and btw, SEE IT NOW!!!