Yep, this score is true. I don’t remember how many lines I had but it was above 2000. This took over an hour, possibly two.

Yesterday I was playing Tetris DX because I’m working on replacing all the current scores in the marathon mode with my own scores. The previous owner of the cartridge I have, Kevin, wasn’t that good so it’s not really hard to do. Thing is that I’m not playing just to beat the score I’m just playing like I normally do which is until I lose which as I play more takes longer and longer. I’ve reached the point where I can play just fine on level 30 and recover mess ups pretty easily. Also I reached the point where I press the down button to speed up the piece locking so I avoid waiting for the slight delay before the piece locks.

Anyway, I was playing because we usually have the normal American Dad/Family Guy/Simpsons/King of the Hill Sunday night of TV otherwise I’d consider playing a Wii or Xbox game. I was working on replacing the level 2 scores and was really on a roll with this one game.

Previously I had reached about 1.3 million and after that I went checking on the internet what scores people bragged about for Tetris DX. Highest I found on Youtube was in the 3 million range, then on some forum a person said they got 4 million (after which someone posted that the guy had to be a filthy liar). Then I saw someone mention on a YouTube comment their own score that wasn’t very high but they mentioned Twin Galaxies.

Twin Galaxies is the official scorekeeper for video game score records. They’re featured prominently in the documentary film The King of Kong which is about the world Donkey Kong (for the NES) score record. Anyway, the top score on Twin Galaxies for Marathon mode in Tetris DX is 9,999,999. The next top score is a paltry 2.4 million or so. The requirement for qualifying unfortunately is a video record of your entire game which you cannot pause during otherwise you’re disqualified.